Diane Marthaler

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Diane Marthaler or as everyone calls her “Toot” is the most beautiful women and should be recognized. She has been battling breast cancer since 2008 and was diagnosed August 27, 2012 as terminal. Through out her journey she has continued to be positive and fills her days with laughter and never has questined “why” .. rather focusing her time on her husband, Scott , 2 children Ashylnn and logan and living each day to the fullest. Every day she continues to amaze me with her faith in god. Since her terminal diagnosis rather than pity herself she has strived to get things done so that she will be able to leave her legacy to her children and her husband, spending many hours writing birthday cards, wedding cards , baby cards for her children to have when these events occur knowing that she will not be there to witness, but they will have her “words” to offer comfort to her children and loved ones. Her true testimate and ultimate faith blew me away when her and I recently spent a few hours together and she said to me. I am not afraid, the place I am going is wonderful its my loved ones here I worry about and that makes me sad that they will be sad. Her caringbridge site has close to 14,000 visits and the guestbook entries tell the story of how her life has impacted to so many and I am just one of the hundreds that my beautiful friend Toot has impacted. I hope that you will consider Diane ( Toot ) Marthaler as one of your beautiful women – she is amazing and her story of Faith and the obsticles she has went through and never consentrating on herself always about others. Even on her last few months on this earth waiting her body growing weaker and waiting for God to take her she fills her day making others laugh and making sure her legacy to her children and loved ones is fullfilled.

Her caringbridge site is www.caringbridge.org/visit/dianestirling

Pam Knapper