Alma Pusic

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Alma is my aunt and is the strongest/bravest person I have ever met. She truly is The Most Beautiful Woman.
After a tough life, she escaped war torn Bosnia and moved to USA as a single mom in 1996 with two boys ages 14 and 10. She also had to leave her daughter Maja behind because her father would not let her go.
In 2003 she was diagnosed with lung cancer. The struggle has been hard. SHe has undergone several surgeries including one removing brain tumor,several chemotherapies and many tests.
Alma and her boys lived in Florida but with economy being so bad, she relocated to North Dakota in June so her son could have a job and a chance for a better future. She faces her illness with dignity and humor. When she arrived to North Dakota and we picked her up at the airport, it was a rainy day, she joked about rain messing up her “hairdo” We all laughed. She loves watching Tampa Bay Rays and has gone to few games herself when she lived in Florida.
In July, we found out that her cancer spread to her liver and bones.You will never hear her complain. When you ask her “how are you doing Alma” you will almost always get the same answer “It will be better” I sure hope so, Alma, I sure hope so. Maya Schmoll