Holly Novacek

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Holly Novacek is my best friend and the mother of 2 1/2 year old twin boys, Jacob and Brennan. When Holly was 24 weeks pregnant she was told that one of the twins had Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). Due to the heart condition Holly had to deliver the boys in Minneapolis so she could be near the team of specialists that would immediately have to take Jacob. She spent the last half of her pregnancy on the phone fighting with insurance, at ultrasounds every week, and arranging for a place to stay in the cities while most moms are concerned with nursery colors, names, etc. Many times you could see that Holly was on the brink of breakdown but she always held it together. Near the end of her pregnancy she was so miserable and uncomfortable but never complained because to her it meant that Jakey had the opportunity to get a little bit bigger and a little bit stronger while in utero. Once the twins were delivered Holly had to bounce back and forth between caring for Brennan while staying at the Ronald McDonald House and also being up at the hospital to watch over Jacob and prepare for the first of his three open heart surgeries, all after having a c-section. Again, never did she complain of the discomfort she felt. Once the family was all back at home in Fargo Holly kept it all together while trying to care for a newborn that just had open heart surgery and trying to also meet the needs of another newborn. All went well but they knew they had another surgery looming over them. Holly stays home with the boys and in the beginning this often meant she spent her days trying to get Jacob to eat without getting sick and still meet Brennan’s needs. At a little over a year Jacob had his second surgery and the recovery process started all over again, only this time it went a little slower. It’s been over a year and now Jacob’s 3rd surgery is coming up. There are mixed feelings of relief to have them all done and dread of having to do it all over again, however, Holly is as strong as ever and cherishing every minute with her boys. Holly has become very involved with different organizations and helps find resources for parents that have a child with some type of Congential Heart Disease. She has done several walks and fundraisers and is involved with Project Carson to help raise awareness. Just recently Holly completed her first 10K in honor of Jacob. I believe this shows that she is just as strong physically as she has been mentally and emotionally. She is an awesome mother to these two handsome little boys and I don’t think there is anyone more deserving of the Beautiful Woman Award!