Dawn Peters

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A beautiful woman devoted to everything she touches: Dawn Peters is such a spectacular woman, one I could only dreamt of being. Although there is more than twenty years difference in our ages I admire her so for all that she is. First and foremost she has raised three of the most intelligent, polite, kind and loving children. I wished I’d have known her 50 years ago when I began raising my children not that mine aren’t very successful adults, but she would have been a perfect role model. There will be a time when she is just a kid playing stupid games with them, but also a time when she is their mother, their disciplinarian. That’s how they got to be who they are. She holds down a full time job as an officer of the ND Juvenile Court. A forty hour job that sometimes takes her all over the state. She cares deeply for these children that she works with trying to make them see where they are going, and where they should be going. Dawn has a very serious disease but it doesn’t hold her down. She is a runner. She runs 5-7 miles every day. She does a 5-10K for every event in town plus of course the Fargo Marathon. When you say does she have time for her husband? She makes time. He runs with her, does things around the house with her, they roller blade, ride bikes, and loves her. One of their great families secrets is for everyone to be home for dinner each night if they aren’t working. And then there is their ‘Special Sunday Night’, A Night everyone is together watching movies, things they have taped, or just playing games. The oldest son has just finished his first year at MSUM but rather than run with his friends you will find both he and his wonderful girl friend home with family. The same with his sister who is a senior graduating this year and her boy friend. They love home because Dawn has made it a comfortable loving environment. Somehow she makes time to be my best friend. With a wit that is quicker than you can think. When I want to have a really good time or I just need her, she makes room in her calendar to spend with me. I am so fortunate to not only have worked with her in the past but also have become her friend. Her plate is so full I wonder all the time how she does it all baring no mistakes with the love she has for all of us. It is my privilege to call her my best friend. Bonnie Ruscheinsky