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Laura McShane

Laura McShane
Laura has been an inspiration to many people that she knows or anyone that has heard her story. She is a 33 year old mother of 5 year old twins, she was diagnosed with inner ocular melanoma in February 2008, she is still fighting the disease as it has spread to her liver in 2010. We now travel to Philadelphia every 4 weeks for another type of treatment that targets the tumors on her liver. The recoveries are very hard on her and she needs at least two weeks before she can get back to work. During all of this and trying multiple treatments, she continues to work, be a full time mother, and a fantastic wife. She has never uttered the words give up or even thought about it, she has been knocked down more than any young woman should, but she keeps getting back up. She is a fighter and an influence to anyone that maybe fighting health problems, she is my best friend, and wife, and the world is a better place with her in it. Ross McShane

Bev Peters

Bev Peters
Bev Peters is the most caring person I know. She puts everyone else before herself. She has done foster care for almost 10 years and has been a daycare provider for over 30 years! Bev has the biggest heart ever, she takes in children that are in need and treats them as if they were her own. I love how Bev can make a child feel like they are loved and needed! I was put into foster care nearly 10 years ago and I ended up in the Peters’ household. i would not have wanted it any differently. Bev has taught me that you can do anything you set your mind to. i have learned to be a better person and think more about people’s feeling from seeing what Bev does. She battled breast cancer within the last few years and she continued to do what she does best, love children. She found the time to battle the cancer while still helping foster children by providing a loving home for them.

Terry Renecker

Terry Renecker
I have to tell you about my friend Terry, breast cancer survivor, and one of the most giving, amazing women of our community. She works at the Mert-Armstrong Center in the downtown area, helping members of the Mental Health Association and countless homeless people. She feeds them every day, cooking giant meals for so many people. She also takes them on outings all over the community – they do everything from attend the Redhawks, to volunteering their time for other needy people at the food shelters.

Today, I learned she is hosting a steak dinner. This is what she commented on her status, and it about brought me to tears because it is so AMAZING:
“Terry Braaten-Renecker
I am hosting a Las Vegas style Dinner & Show for our members. It includes a steak and shrimp scampi dinner with all the fixins and an Elvis Tribute Artist (impersonator) will come preform a 2 1/2 hour Show for us. Then l’ilolejr karoke will close the night out with singing and dancing. The entire night of entertainment is donated to us and will be serviced by volunteers! I couldn’t do this without the wonderful support and generosity from our community.”

Terry is the most giving person I know – she would give you the shirt off her back. She has the biggest heart I’ve ever seen in any one person besides God. She is so capable and helpful and HUMBLE! Terry, while she was going through treatments for her breast cancer, was STILL HELPING OTHERS (one of the news outlets did a story on her back then).

I wish I could afford to do something really special for Terry – like a spa day and shopping. She so deserves it, but knowing her, she would refuse it. I just wish – because this woman is soooo special to our community and she should be shown by something great, so I hope that you will consider having her as a guest on your program, to tell her story. Terry is captivating.

Thanks for your time,
Jen Hoy

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