Shelley Schmidt

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I am nominating my mother Shelley. I am her daughter Cassidy. Our mom is a single mom and had to go on disability due to an auto accident. She has been in two very abusive relationships and watching her mom die of cancer the last seven years. My mom sells Mary Kay on the side to try to bring in some additional income. I also have an older brother named Cody who is 17. My mom is 41 and does not look like it as she is a beautiful mom and I am so proud how she provides and gives up for herself for her kids if they need something. My mom is a women of pride, respect, dignity and her looks are what gets her through the day she always makes sure she looks good and uses for Mary Kay and if her pain level is high which is almost daily she makes an effort to try to keep up her looks as just this little bit in her life makes her feel better about herself as she can look good outside because inside she is in very bad pain. I love my mom she is the best mom in the world.