Vicki Berg

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She is a person who can touch any person she meets (including strangers) within 5 minutes! She works in the West Acres Mall and everyone I meet who knows her always tells me what a friendly, caring person she is! Right now she is going throw her mother dying of cancer – with probably only a day or a few more – and yet she STILL keeps a great attitude and stays strong for her family. I think one of the most special things about her is that all her life she has been kind to and helped the downtrodden, the people considered “outcasts”, and people with mental illnesses.

She goes through the constant pain of fibromyalgia yet she keeps such a positive outlook and very rarely complains. Like I mentioned earlier her mother (also a beautiful woman) has cancer throughout her body and it’s very, very hard on Vicki yet she continues to worry about other people’s comfort and emotions. Her birthday is coming up in a few days and she may have to deal with the death of her mother on or near that day yet she would never let you see the stress she feels from that!

She would give her last dollar to anyone she felt needed it more than she did! When we have been out in public many times the group we are with will look around to see where she went and here she’s talking to total strangers like they were long lost friend! She practically knows their whole life story after about 15 minutes of talking to them. If you ask people around the West Acres Mall who are regular customers or workers (and some people who just go there once in awhile) about her I’m positive they will know her and tell you how kind, gentle, and compassionate she is. I have seen her cry just by hearing a sad story on TV or a movie or just one by a stranger’s sad story as if she knew them personally.

Unlike most of us who only use the time that someone else is talking to think of what we are going to say next, she truly listens intently and could probably quote every thing the other person said word for word. And truly care about their troubles in life!!!

The reason I know all this is because I’m her son