Molly Vigen

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Molly (Reif) Vigen is originally from Alexandria, MN and she played on the women’s basketball team at NDSU from 1995-2000. She was a part of the national championship team in 1996 and was a teammate of mine when we were National Runners-Up in 2000. She is married to Brent Vigen, former Tight End for the Bison and the current Offensive Coordinator for the NDSU football team – they have been married for 10 years and are the real Mr. and Mrs. Bison!

Every year I watch Molly unconditionally support her husband’s crucial and demanding job – all while keeping a beautiful home, working full time as an IT Trainer at Sanford Health and being a fantastic mother to THREE boys – Jake (7 years old), Grant (4 years old) and Luke (10 months old). She also finds time to be a member of the PTA at Kennedy Elementary School, coordinates dinners for the Bison football players at her house, coordinates a weekly coaching staff/family pot luck on Sundays at the Fargo Dome, finds time to work-out at the Family Wellness Center and she also still manages to get together with her friends and former NDSU teammates whenever she can as well.

This year was an amazing season for the Bison, but it also meant an extended time for Molly to put in major hours as a mommy while her husband, Brent, was traveling for games and spending countless hours at the Fargo Dome ensuring he was doing everything he could to lead his team to a National Championship. Not only was this an exceptionally long season (which we fans were thrilled about), but it was also Molly’s first season being a mother of 3 boys – she gave birth to their third son, Luke, in March of last year. I have two young boys and a husband who works an 8am-5pm job and rarely has to travel and I can barely keep things in working order…I have no idea how Molly makes it all happen…and I have NEVER once heard her even come close to complaining about it. She is simply AMAZING!

This is my opportunity to highlight an athlete, amazing mom, wife, friend and career woman! Molly is a beautiful woman – inside AND out!