Meet the Round #4 Finalists! – Cast your vote now!

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We’re happy to introduce you to the Round 4 finalists for Beautiful Women.

Cast your ballot for the woman whose story most touches you.

They’re all remarkable, beautiful women. We honor them all.

But the woman who receives the most votes will also have her story told on WDAY-TV, on 970WDAY and in The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead.

Voting runs through February 10th. You’ll find out who she is on WDAY news at 10:00 on February 26th. Don’t forget to vote!

Debra Boyer

Debra Boyer

Debbie is an elementary school counselor who makes a difference every day in the life’s of children at Aurora Elementary School in West Fargo. She believes that empowering human potential is a vital resource for society. In her work and her family life, she challenges all of us to use the Nurtured Heart Approach (she is a certified trainer in its techniques) to recognize what is going right, refuse to reward negativity, and strive for clarity in rules and consequences. Through her Prairie Fire Consulting firm she offers classes and workshops for parents, educators, and other professionals who want to learn how to foster inner growth and strengthen relationships. Debbie thinks outside the box to ignite and energize the greatness in those she works with and those she calls family and friends. I constantly learn from her insights.

Tammy DeSautel

Tammy DeSautel

Tammy not only cares for our daughter Macy who has cerebral palsy, she gets Macy involved in Hope Inc. activities, to keep Macy as involved in our community as other kids without disabilities. She also helps our community on behalf of all persons with disabilities. For about ten years, she has been a member of the Metro Area Mayors Committee that serves people with disabilities, and she has recently become the president of Family Voices of North Dakota which supports families who have family members with disabilities. She is also part of the North Dakota State Council on Developmental Disabilities. Tammy went to UND, where she received her degree in Public Relations which helped her to eventually become a supervisor for Job Service North Dakota. She also enlisted in the North Dakota Army National Guard for one enlistment. She also enjoys spending time with her large extended family.

Carol "Coke" Smith

Carol “Coke” Smith

My mom has heard the voice of God all her life. When she and my dad were married in 1976, the Lord whispered, “Mother”. So she gave birth to a son. Again the Lord whispered, “Mother”, and she gave birth to me. Throughout my childhood, the Lord lead and encouraged her to be a StayAtHomeMom by whispering, “Mother… Mother”. She continued to sacrifice her own professional and social life to give every bit of herself to her family. After my brother and I moved away to college, she again heard the whisper “Mother”. This time, the Lord would lead her on the journey to priesthood. In 2005, she was ordained a Deacon in the Episcopal Church. In 2006, ordained a priest. Her adoring congregation calls her “Mother Coke” – a full circle moment encompassing her entire life. Mother to her church family and grandmother of four. My beautiful mother.