Introducing the Round Two finalists!

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We’re happy to announce the finalists in Round Two of the Beautiful Women project.

I know, I know we haven’t yet told you who was our top vote-getter in Round One. I’m getting to that in just a minute. But I couldn’t bury the lead.

The Round Two finalists are: Tara Hart, Meredith Olafson, and Alexia Stein. You can read their bios below. As with all of 100 women nominated on this site, these three are remarkable, inspirational unsung heroines. They demonstrate inner beauty in the lives they touch everyday. Voting will now begin to decide which woman you’d like to hear more about. The top vote getter will be featured in The Forum and on WDAY-TV and radio. She will also receive a prize package. Read their nominations below as written in the words of their loved ones. Then vote for who’d you’d like to see honored.

And finally, an important reminder about Round One.

After 4,908 votes cast a winner has been chosen. But I’m holding her name close to the vest. You will learn who she is on WDAY-TV news at 10pm on Sunday, November 20th. She’ll also be interviewed on The Christopher Gabriel Program on 970WDAYAM on November 21st, and featured in The Forum on November 21st as well. Check it out!

Now here are the Round Two finalists:
Tara Hart
A beautiful mother, role-model, and best friend has not only been through an incredible amount of hardship, but has been a blessing to so many. Widowed young with five Beloved children, our mother was a super-mom and super-dad. From teaching each of us the “ins and the outs” to life, how to live a life worthy to a greater purpose than our own, what it looks like to love unconditionally, how to be supportive, be to selfless, and to give our last dollar to whomever is in need, all those that have come in contact with her have been encouraged and inspired.

Our mother, Tara, is a Beautiful woman with a heart of Gold. Not only does she love her five children but she loves all that come in contact with her. From her Country Kitchen Woman to her pseudo-daughters and sons, she’d drop whatever is going on in her life to be of support in a time of need. She taught us at a young age, “if you want something done, do it yourself” and that has left a long lasting impression of each of us. We’ve been able to become independent woman who appreciate and seek authentic relationships. Her determination, positive attitude and willingness to give has shown her community what it looks like to be a real survivor.

Living life to the fullest, dreaming big, working hard for everything you have, being patient, giving generously, loving no matter what the circumstance, forgiving because life is too short to hold a grudge, SMILE always, being loyal, supporting one another ALWAYS- and I would like to think she should have given us the advice to invest in Tampax because she spent a pretty penny on such necessity.

Life without our Mother, dearest friend and inspiration would not be the same and for that – we want to thank her and express our dearest appreciation for being a Superwoman. She’s impacted the community, inspired single mothers, shown strength in hard situations, set an example of what it looks like to live a life worthy of much more than selfish desire, and guided and supported every person she’s come in contact with. A true role model and beautiful women of God; Beloved, cherished, admired, inspirational, unique and loved – even when she doesn’t realize what a blessing she truly is. Mom, thank you!

Thanks for all the smiles you bring to each of us through the Joy you’ve received. Your sense of humor has allowed for us to live life DAILY in Freedom and reassurance that all things will work out!

Meredith Olafson
There are not enough words to describe how wonderful my mother is. She has always been supportive towards me and my siblings, among helping out our friends. At her house it’s an open door policy—everyone is welcome. From letting me move back in their house, when my husband and daughter needed to, to allowing our friends move in, when they had had nowhere to go. Not only does she help our friends and family, she has touched the lives of people all over the USA. She is a surrogate mother, which we like to call a baby incubator. She has given birth to over 14 children, 4 being her own. She has had 2 sets of triplets, a set of twins, and 6 single children pregnancies, and is currently pregnant with a single (we think). Not to mention she delivered my child when she was born. She said it’s nice to be on the other side for a change. She is also currently going back to school to further her education to become a registered nurse. On top of that she makes sure she is involved in all of the school events such as spirit campaign for cheerleading, and football events, for my younger brother. Now a days she doesn’t even ask if people are staying for supper, she just makes enough for everyone! She always tells everyone “You won’t leave my house hungry, and if you do it’s your own fault.” She is our rock, and the glue that holds our family together!

Alexia Stein
This woman is an exceptional mother, wife, and professional. She is a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse (NICU) Registered Nurse that cares for and ultimately saves babies lives, all the while guiding and encouraging families that struggle to deal with the ups, the downs, and even the tragedies of losing these babies from time to time. What makes her exceptional is through her own tragedy of burying a son and losing 2 daughters already to prenatal anomalies, this woman of profound strength and inner courage is able to internalize her own personal tragedies only to find herself to be a better nurse, mother, and wife. I admire and love her dearly for embracing the good that is hard to grasp in times of darkness while being able to encourage, support, and better the lives of everyone around her. She’s beyond beautiful, she was well past that after saying “hello”.