Jean Arnberg

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This lady happens to be my Mom who just turned 91 a few weeks ago. She is and has always been one of the strongest women that I’ve known and has taught all 4 of her daughters to be strong in their lives too. At 91 she e-mails, is on f/b, does her banking electronically, and always wants to learn more. Her vision and breathing functions have deteriorated so much in the past year but she continues to smile, laugh and share her talent of music with so many people. She lives at Sheyenne Crossings in WF and plays for their church service every Thursday and then many nights before supper she’ll play the piano in the dining area for the residents to enjoy. All of this by heart as she very seldom uses any sheet music, hymnals, etc. as it’s very hard for her to see them anymore. She’s my Mom and I love her but it never fails that when someone asks me “who I belong to” and I say Jean – they always comment on her talent and what a kind heart she has. She’s lost 2 husbands and a son in law that she loved like a son, along with many other family members and friends. She always tell her family that she can’t do much for us anymore cuz’ her body is failing, but she always reminds us that she has a shoulder to lean and cry on and if we talk loud enough 😉 – she’s always willing to listen to anyone. Wisdom – more than anyone I know but she doesn’t force her opinion or wisdom on anyone. For 91 years old – it always amazes me that she doesn’t judge people either. Does she have her faults – sure. She’d list them but to those of us who are blessed to have her in our lives, we sure don’t see many. I know that my Mom is getting “tired” but as my sisters and their families and all who know and love Mom – we so want her in our lives for as long as the good Lord blesses her on this earth! I love her more than she’ll ever know and I’ll always strive to be just like her. She’s my hero – always will be.