Nominations are posted!

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For those of you who’ve been waiting to read the stories of the beautiful women in our community, wait no longer.

Since last Monday, we’ve received more than 50 nominations of “Beautiful Women.” By beauty, we’re talking REAL beauty, that which comes from “being in your finest hour,” true inner beauty. I’ve been reading these posts all day. Ironically, many of our nominees are gorgeous women on the outside, but more importantly every single one of them has a wonderful story.

I am so humbled by the accomplishments of this varied group of women. Some have achieved the kind of success you’d love to have on your resume, others attract little attention but change lives by giving of themselves.

I’m tearing up at the thoughtful posts written by husbands, granddaughters and other friends and family matters. In their own words, these posts describe the women who mean the world to them and to this community. No doubt about it, ALL of these women are beautiful and it’s very clear ALL of them are very loved.

Scroll through this blog. All of the nominations we’ve received so far should be on the blog. If you’ve nominated someone, but don’t see it on this blog, please email me ( We’re working fast and furiously to bring you these amazing stories. Just scroll through the blog to see all of the women nominated so far. They can be seen under “The Women.”

You’ll find some of them nominations do not contain a photo. That is because there was either some kind of error with how the photo was loaded by the nominator or they chose not to include one. I am emailing the nominators to see if they’d like me to add a photo. Please email me the photo if you have one.

Also, it’s not too late to get your nomination in. Just click on “Nominate Today” on our homepage.

We’ll have details later on whose story will be featured in the newspaper, online and on TV/radio.

Congratulations to all of the women nominated so far and thanks to all of the wonderful people who are honoring their own “Beautiful Woman!”